Board Development

Board development


  • Board Recruiting. Strategies to identify, successfully recruit, and develop the kinds of board and board members your organization needs.
  • Board Development and Governance. Build a board orientation and development program, grounded in sound and clear governance policies, that trains new board members about their roles and responsibilities, and provides ongoing education to existing board members on effective board governance policies and practices.
  • Board Governance Policies. Develop a concise set of policies in plain language to encourage board members to actively and effectively fulfill their role.
  • Compliance. Does your board understand and comply with the requirements of the IRS form 990, and Sarbanes-Oxley? Has your Board developed appropriate policies to meet the standards set by law or best practices? An efficient evaluation and related recommendations will swiftly bring your board and organization into compliance.
  • Board Evaluation. Guide board leadership in developing annual board and board meeting evaluations, as well as individual board member self-evaluations. Interpretation and application of evaluation findings included.


  • Regular meetings with board members individually or in groups for specific board leadership and skill development, identifying and using individual strengths and skills addressing how to handle different personalities and styles, and problem solving.

Trainings and Presentations

Below are examples of trainings and presentations that have been delivered to a wide range of nonprofits. All trainings and presentations are individually tailored to meet each organization’s unique needs:

  • The Exquisite Board Member. A dynamic take on the boards role and responsibilities designed to inspire and motivate the board.
  • Accountability with Grace. An effective and supportive approach to help board members fulfill their fund development commitments that begins with how board members are recruited, and includes a systematic accountability process.
  • Build Your Board and Staff Team. Use Board and staff roles, and your nonprofit’s mission and vision to build an inspired and effective board and staff team that works together.
  • Unleash Your Inner Fundraiser! Learn the nuts-and-bolts of how to solicit prospects with grace and effectiveness in this interactive session.
  • Fund Development Planning for Boards. Especially designed for board members to learn and apply their role to create an effective fund development plan.